Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying Custom Packaging

Author: Aruna Prissilla
Published: 2021-06-28

As an online or offline retailer it is important to think about custom packaging. When your business starts to grow you’ll quickly recognize that custom packaging is indispensable in your development plan. Custom packaging and branding are inextricably linked. In this article we’ll explore the top 5 things to consider when buying custom packaging to help you get started with choosing the right custom packaging for your company.

Custom packaging types

Looking for the right custom packaging types can be a tricky thing when you are selling a lot of different sized and shaped products. At Custom Box Works we offer a variety of packaging boxes, specially designed to pack and/or ship specific products.

When you are looking for a box to display your products in, you have a lot of choices in materials. We offer Eco-Friendly Kraft for example, but when you want to use the packaging for displaying and shipping it is important to look for corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are sturdy enough to protect your products during shipment.

If your products fit through the mailbox it is best to look for mailer boxes. Get your custom mailer box today and let the designers of Custom Box Works surprise you with beautiful packaging that fit your brand and target group perfectly.

Look at the different printing and finishing options

At Custom Box Works all of our boxes are carefully pre-printed to achieve the sharpest quality of printing. There are no limitations on color because we print on paper before joining the paper and corrugation. This allows us to be more versatile in material use. It also makes us achieve a better print quality compared to printing directly on corrugated cardboard.

When it comes to finishing options there are two categories to choose from: Gloss or Matte finishes. If your product requires a more luxurious feel it is best to choose for a gloss finish like Gloss Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Spot UV, Embossing or Foiling. If you want a matte finish, look for Matte Lamination or Matte UV.

If you are selling products in Europe it is very important to avoid selling single-use plastics. By choosing packaging that is free from plastic and Eco-friendly you also gain more trust among customers worldwide.

Look for the minimum quantity that is required for an order of custom packaging

When you are starting to grow it might not be the best idea to look for packaging that needs to be purchased in bulk. At Custom Box Works there is no minimum order required which makes our services available to every business owner worldwide.

Measure your products to create the right dimensions

To create the perfect packaging it is important to provide the designer with the correct measurements so that the box has the perfect dimensions. Custom designed packaging is meant to fit and reflect your products perfectly. Lucky you because our designers are skilled in creating the perfect dieline for your custom packaging.

Last but not least: lead time

The lead time to receive your custom packaging depends on the season and the complexity of the design of your packaging. At Custom Box Works there is an average lead time of 6 to 8 business days. Our custom packaging is shipped flat and ready for assembly. Lastly, our boxes are free from shipping costs across the United States and Europe.

Get your custom packaging quote today and let Custom Box Works help your company by creating custom packaging that speaks to your target group.