How To Design Perfect Custom Candle Boxes

Author: Aruna Prissilla
Published: 2021-05-05

Candles are widely used in almost every household which makes them the perfect gift for practically everybody. Candles light up the dark and add ambiance to any room but before customers unpack their new candles they need to be triggered to buy your brand’s candles. With a custom designed candle box for your company you can set yourself apart from the competition and communicate your vision to your customers. In this article we’ll give you a few tips on how to design perfect candle boxes for your company.

Focus on attractive colors for your custom candle box

When we say that it’s smart to focus on attractive colors, we mean to say that you have to focus on colors that are attractive to your customers. By knowing your customer, you can create custom packaging that will attract them to your brand. Secondly, it’s worth it to look into the feelings that people have when they see certain colors.

For example, blue represents trust and strength and yellow represents warmth and optimism. By looking into brand color psychology and use this to your advantage you can create appealing custom candle boxes that fit your target group. Try to keep the base color neutral but play with appealing colors when it comes to details on the box.

Choose high-quality materials for your custom candle boxes

Candles are fragile and deserve to be treated with care. To make sure your candles survive traveling to your customers, our custom candle packaging is sturdy enough to protect the product inside during shipping.

Our custom candle boxes are made to ship your candles safely without compromising on design options. The only limitation is your imagination when it comes to customizing your candle boxes. To get you inspired, here are some examples of popular candle brands and their packaging.

Go Green with Eco-friendly Kraft for your custom candle boxes

When you’re selling a natural product like candles it is important to aim for eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for your packaging. As the world gets more involved with climate change and cleaning up our oceans, it is smart to opt for packaging that minimizes the ecological footprint of your company.

As customers are getting more environmentally conscious and are curious about the effect of your product on the environment, it is becoming more and more important to be transparent and make the right choices. Go Green with Eco-friendly Kraft paper for your custom candle boxes. Kraft paper is recyclable, compostable and is made of renewable resources.

By choosing for eco-friendly packaging you will not only contribute to a healthier planet but your customers will most likely turn into fans because of your eco-friendly packaging. Eco-friendly packaging also helps when you are looking to widen your target group.

Custom Box Works for all your custom candle packaging

Choose a custom packaging partner that will design packaging that illustrates who you are as a brand. At Custom Box Works we will work with you for as long as it takes to perfect your candle box design. Contact us now to get your custom quote.