Custom Retail Packaging

Author: Aruna Prissilla
Published: 2021-06-15

There are more than 1 million retail companies in the US alone and with so many retailers it is becoming harder to differentiate yourself from the rest. Yet you don’t have to be a top-player in your industry to make an impact, grow your brand and make more revenue. At Custom Box Works we aim for custom retail packaging that attracts customers in a world where it isn’t easy to grab your customers’ attention.

Use custom retail packaging as a silent salesman

If you are looking for a visible secret weapon that doubles as a silent salesman, it is time to think about custom retail packaging for your brand. Custom retail packaging not only provides a cover for your products. Custom retail packaging also holds many levels of multi-functionality. For example, custom packaging can:

  • protect your products from dirt while storing the product

  • protect your products during shipment if the packaging box is corrugated

  • tell a story about your brand and the product to your target group

  • give valuable information about the products inside

  • help customers decide (a good retail packaging invites the customer to buy)

  • amplify your USP’s

  • explain how to use the product inside of the custom retail packaging

Custom retail packaging has the ability to affect buying behaviour. This makes custom retail packaging a powerful asset for every company that sells products. Most customers decide to buy a product by looking at the packaging. Attract new customers and turn them into fans with unique and beautiful custom retail packaging.

Use custom retail packaging for word of mouth marketing

Custom retail packaging can make a real impact when the packaging invites people to take pictures of them. By creating packaging that looks good on social-media it is highly possible that you reach a young target group that is eager to learn about new brands.

Customer-generated content on social media is growing in popularity and most young adults think that customer-generated content reflects the quality and reliability of your brand. By creating packaging that speaks to a younger target group it is very possible that your packaging will automatically create word of mouth marketing.

What type of custom retail packaging do I need for my brand

E-commerce products often require more protection while products that are stored on a shelf need less protection. If you want to create custom retail packaging that can double as shipping containers it is important to look for corrugated cardboard to make sure the products are well protected during shipment.

If you want to display your products in-store you can look at other materials for creating your custom retail packaging. You can also consider developing custom marketing displays to display your products in an exciting way.

  • Look for corrugated boxes if you want the custom retail packaging to double as a shipping container.

  • Be creative in your design. At Custom Box Works there are no limitations to use of color.

  • Use materials that fit your brand when designing custom retail packaging for displaying products.

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