Custom Luxe Perfume Boxes

Author: Aruna Prissilla
Published: 2021-05-02

Perfume is a timeless gift to men and women around the world. Perfumes are often given as a father’s day or mother’s day gift and are very popular during Christmas. The competition is strong, and brands are getting more invested in creating packaging that compliments the perfume inside. With custom luxe perfume boxes, you get a chance to impress customers before they get to the fun part. With perfumes it’s all about the smell but when your packaging reflects the idea behind the smell, there is a good chance you will make more sales and create more happy customers.

Custom perfume packaging

Custom perfume boxes can be made with different options that complement the product inside of the box. For example you can think about making a hole in the packaging to let the smell out or choose for luxe closing like magnetic closing on your custom perfume box.

Perfume boxes require more protection to make sure the perfume itself doesn’t break during shipping. To make sure your products are well protected we use pieces of carbon paper to ensure that the bottle is packed tightly in the custom perfume packaging.

Custom printed perfume boxes

With custom printed perfume boxes you get a chance to attract customers to your product. Perfume is a luxe product that deserves a luxe packaging as well. The easiest way to create packaging that looks high-end at low costs is by foiling. A gloss finish will also create a luxury look without compromising on design options.

Pack your perfume boxes in closed custom printed perfume boxes to keep the actual bottle protected and a mystery to your customers. Unpacking a perfume bottle from a closed packaging makes unpacking even more special.

Look for a basic design that complements your brand and include ribbons or personal tags to add a personal touch to the custom perfume box.

Custom Box Works for all your custom made perfume boxes

When it comes to customizing your perfume boxes there are no limitations. You can order our custom made perfume boxes with no minimum quantity required. This makes our services appealing to small businesses as well as international companies.

In our shop you will find products filtered on industry or style . By showing a wide range of basic designs you can easily get a glimpse of what Custom Box Works can do for your company. There is a wide range of materials that you can choose from, including eco-friendly Kraft paper, Bux Board and Cardstock. When it comes to finishes, you can choose from finishes like Gloss UV, Matte lamination, embossing or foiling.

Custom printed boxes: no minimum order required

At Custom Box Works we love to inspire companies with high-end designs that will lift up your products and enhance sales. Custom printed perfume boxes are a great way to enhance the bond you have with your target group. Contact us today to receive a custom quote and we’ll start working on your custom perfume boxes made with love, expertise and eye for detail.