Custom gift boxes for Employers: Show your employees you value them with a WFH Covid care package

Author: Aruna Prissilla
Published: 2021-04-15

Keeping your employers engaged and connected while they work from home can be a challenge. Working from the comfort of your own home often brings distractions which lead to extended working hours. It’s safe to say that all of us can use a well-deserved break by now. Show your employees you value them with a work from home Covid care package. Our custom packaging boxes are a great fit for sending WFH Covid care packages to all your employers.

Kraft single color mailer box image

With our custom gift boxes, you get a change to make a personal connection with your employers while they are working at home. By creating a professional die-line, we make sure to meet all your expectations. A die-line is a digital file that contains all relevant design notes, cut lines and markings for your custom packaging box. The die-line is like a blueprint for your custom gift box. Because of it we can guarantee that the packaging box fits perfectly to the imaging of your company or brand.

Custom Gift Boxes for WFH Covid Care packages

When it comes to choosing different designs and sizes for your WFH Covid Care packages, we have several custom gift boxes to choose from. Our custom mailer boxes fit through the mailbox, but you can also choose a Sleeve and Tray or Rigid Box. Customize your favorite box and your work from home Covid care packages are good to go! You can find all our products here . Select your favorite box, and you can see the box in 3D. Our 3D photos make it possible to see the packaging box from all sides. Fill in the form and upload your design or logo and let our designers work magic.

Work From Home Covid Care Package Ideas

Your employees deserve better than a greeting card, don’t you think? Especially after a long and difficult year where they have been working hard while dealing with daily distractions. Pets, children and wives or husbands running around the house are not beneficial to any ones concentration. Spoil your employees with a Covid care package to show your appreciation for their hard work during this pandemic. If you’re looking for products to put in the Covid care box we might inspire you with a couple of special products we came across. Klick on the pictures to read the stories behind the products and don’t forget to take a good look at the packaging for inspiration.

Custom product packaging

If you’re looking for custom product packaging to put in your Work From Home boxes we got the perfect solution. At Custom Box Works we offer custom product packaging that will fit perfectly with your custom gift box. Fill your custom product box with your signature product and surprise your employees. Popular products to put into a Covid Care Package are hand sanitizer, hand cream and Kleenex. But if you want to be a bit more original look for products like vegan face masks, essential oils for steaming and card games to encourage relaxation after working from home.