Custom Designed Event Packaging

Author: Aruna Prissilla
Published: 2021-06-29

Custom designed event packaging can be used as an unique element of an event. To explore the different purposes of custom designed event packaging we will talk about examples of how you can turn packaging into a multi-purpose element of your event.

Custom designed event packaging for any event

When you think of custom designed packaging, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a box that is used for direct customer delivery. Yet there is much more to it when you think out of the box. Custom designed event packaging can be used in many different ways.

Create custom designed event packaging that suits the interior design

When you are planning an event it is very likely that you have a theme or a color scheme to work with. If you are looking for a way to surprise your guests and make the room look even more beautiful it is a good idea to create custom designed event packaging that suits the interior design. Make the place look amazing and shareable on social media.

When you are designing custom designed event packaging, you need to display your products during the event, it is smart to opt for packaging that can be used as a practical and decorative piece.

Use your custom designed event box as an invitation to the event

A custom designed event box itself can be used as an invitation to the event. Boxed invitations are getting more and more popular because you can stuff them with gifts for example. Boxes offer more space than an envelope and provide a unique unboxing experience for your guests.

Use custom designed event packaging as a press pack

Press packs are sets of items given to journalists during a media event, conference or other events that the press attends. By creating gift boxes for people who attend your events, you will make real progress when it comes to public relations. A PR press pack is fairly simple but it might be the start of fresh and new ideas for other target groups.

An example could be a luxury box as a gift when you are planning a brand event. When you are organizing an event for alcoholic beverages you could create a cocktail kit for every guest that is attending the event. By gifting your guests with custom designed event boxes they will keep thinking about the products after the event.

Use the right finishing options to stand out during any event

We already talked about how your custom designed event packaging must reflect the events’ theme. One way to create unique custom packaging for your event is by using the right finishes. Look for unique printing techniques such as stamping, embossing and foiling to create reflective elements on the surface of the box.

Add patterns to the interior of the box to create a complete experience and consider adding a bow or tag to make the packaging look like a gift. Are you looking for a reliable partner that can help you create the perfect custom designed event packaging? Get your custom quote today and let’s talk design.