Custom Designed Candle Boxes

Author: Aruna Prissilla
Published: 2021-06-30

Working around (scented) candles must be the most relaxing job there is. Candles are everyone’s favorite when it comes to adding ambiance to any room and a product as special as a candle deserves a custom designed candle box to be displayed and shipped in. In this article we’ll explore the perks of investing in custom designed candle boxes for your brand.

Custom designed candle boxes for displaying candles in-store

When it comes to designing the perfect custom designed candle box for displaying your products in-store, there are a lot of options in use of material, colors and finish of the box. For example, it is a very good idea to place your logo onto the custom designed candle box.

When you show your logo on custom designed candle boxes it becomes easier for customers to look for your brand on the shelves. When it comes to materials you can look for materials that suit your brand like Eco-friendly Kraft. By using custom designed candle boxes made of Eco-friendly Kraft you show your customers you care about your brand, your customers, your product and the environment!

Custom designed candle boxes are a great way to leave a good first impression. Studies show that the first impression customers have is directly correlated to their overall satisfaction of the product. In short: investing in custom designed candle boxes for displaying your product in-store ensures a higher customer satisfaction.

Custom designed candle boxes for shipping your candles

If you are looking for custom designed candle boxes for shipping your candles, the use of material is limited. To make sure your product doesn’t break during shipping, you can only ship your candles in corrugated shipping boxes. Corrugated boxes are sturdy enough to protect your product during shipping. With corrugated cardboard we can make sure that your product will reach its final destination without being damaged.

Let the designers of Custom Box Works help you with designing the perfect custom candle boxes for your brand. Our designers are skilled in projection your vision onto the custom box and we work hard to deliver unique and high-quality custom candle boxes.

Different packaging options for your custom designed candle boxes

At Custom Box Works we offer a variety of packaging options for your candles. Look for box types like tuck top or reverse tuck end. We also offer a variety of cardboards to choose from. For example, kraft and bleach cards as well as different laminations such as glossy, soft matte and spot UV.

Our custom printed candle boxes can be printed inside and out. The design options are limitless and will attract new customers worldwide. Decide what you want to say with the packaging of your product and we will make sure the box exceeds all expectations.

Get your custom quote today and let’s talk about your vision for your brand or product. Invest in custom packaging to make a real impact and show your customers how much you care about your products with the help of Custom Box Works.