Custom Cosmetics Boxes

Author: Aruna Prissilla
Published: 2021-06-07

Custom Cosmetic Boxes come in different sizes and colors and need to offer proper protection to delicate products. At Custom Box Works we are specialized in translating your vision onto the custom cosmetic boxes while ensuring that the packaging maintains functionality and structural strength. Learn more about different design options and use of materials to create the perfect custom cosmetic boxes for your brand.

Creative custom cosmetic boxes

The world of cosmetics is filled with an endless amount of different products, each coming in a variety of shades, colors, styles, scents and prizes. When your brand has thousands of products it can be a challenge to unify all of them to represent your brand.

Strong branding and even stronger and more creative custom cosmetic boxes help with enhancing the emotional bond to your brand and create more revenue. By making thematic designs to go across your product lines you can easily create recognizable custom cosmetic boxes for your brand.

Make sure to show your logo on the packaging and don’t hold back when it comes to design ideas. Our custom cosmetic boxes are highly customizable. The design, finish and colors can be as wild as you can imagine without limitations on printing colors or quality.

Finishes on custom cosmetic boxes

Building a cosmetic brand isn’t easy, but you can rely on Custom Box Works to provide you with the best customer service. To make sure the packaging is perfect for your brand we offer different finishes that have a real wow-factor to them. Let’s explore the different finishes on custom cosmetic boxes.

When choosing the finishes for your custom cosmetic boxes it is possible to go for a gloss or matte finish. Go for Gloss lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV if you want a glossy finish. If you own a high-end brand go for embossing or foiling to make the packaging feel extra luxurious. If you like a matte finish we offer a Matte lamination, Matte UV or Spot UV finish.

The best part of our services is that there is no minimum quantity required for ordering your custom cosmetic boxes. This ensures that our services are available to small, medium and large businesses.

Eco-friendly packaging

At Custom Box Works we understand the demand for sustainable efforts and that is why we offer Eco-friendly materials for creating your custom cosmetic boxes. We support the shift in environmentally conscious decisions and are eager to help your business with the shift to Eco-friendly packaging for your brand.

Whether you are looking for a styleful but simple white box with your logo or a highly complex box with additional options such as gold foiling and perforation, at Custom Box Works we accomodate your needs while keeping your budget in mind.

Our perfectly designed and sturdy custom cosmetic boxes will keep your products safe while helping to differentiate them from the products of the competitions. Now matter how small or big your brand is, at Custom Box Works our designers can help choose sizes and materials that make sense for your brand.

Ready to order your custom cosmetic boxes? Get your personal quote now and let the designers of Custom Box Works help you create the perfect custom packaging for your brand .