Can You Get Quality Information On A Small Custom Box?

Author: Sarah Glass
Published: 2021-03-30


When you take the leap into starting your own business, vision is everything. You’ve likely envisioned exactly how you would like your product to be shipped to your customer, as well everything that you want them to feel when they receive your product. Custom packaging is the perfect distinguisher to set you apart from your competition and ensure that you give your customer your ideal branded experience. So, what’s the hold up? Depending on your product, you may have a lot of information that needs to go on a little box – this isn’t going to be a job for just anyone. Yes, it’s possible to create the perfect small custom packaging but there’s much to consider. From logo resolution to being able to clearly read any ingredients or labels, your small custom box should be looked at as an art project – with an artist to craft it.

Customer Clarity is a Must When It Comes to Custom Packaging

Client expectations are a huge factor when considering custom packaging and you should always feel like your vision is recognized. Your custom packager should make you feel heard and understood throughout the process. This communication will help keep your expectations in line and allow you to work together to create the custom package of your dreams. While it’s not always possible to fit every single thing on a small make up box or medical box, there’s much that can be done with your custom packaging if you have the right curator.

Custom Box Works is Great at Maximizing Space on Custom Packaging

Recently, our team at Custom Box Works brought to life a beautiful vision for a client on a very small box. We worked with 1218 Wellness to create a custom box for their product, Vbrant. This particular product was a vitamin C serum that needed a perfectly branded box that encompassed product information and branding. On this very small box, we were able to include all of the details of 1218 Wellness’ logo, the product information, ingredients, and were even able to create a textured addition to the box that was in line with their brand aesthetic. About the size of a lip stick box and loaded with information, this box included everything our client had hoped would be on their box. While custom packaging design can be a puzzle, this particular box came out branded, informed, and aesthetically appealing. While small custom boxes can be difficult, Custom Box Works is the skilled team you need to bring your custom packaging visions to life. We’re here to work with you to bring you the perfect packaging for the product you’ve spent so much time bringing to life. Learn about our mission and our process here and start your journey to your perfectly branded package, today. We look forward to making your packaging dreams a reality.