The Best Custom Rigid Boxes

Author: Steffanie Moyers
Published: 2021-04-12


At Custom Box Works, we know firsthand how difficult it can be to find the perfect boxes for your business. Believe it or not, there are quite a few things to consider. You need to ensure that the boxes are the right size, durability, eco-friendly, affordable for you to keep up with your inventory and depending on your business how aesthetically pleasing they are.

What is a Rigid Box?

A rigid box for a business is a premium quality box. These are typically utilized for high-end items to display, ship, and sell in something classy to send home with the customer. Rigid boxes are most often utilized in retail outlets and can be embellished with paper, bows, silk, leather, and other fabric wraps to increase their presentation. Rigid boxes are shipped flat and able to be built on the spot. These make a great impression on your clientele, especially for gift wrapping for holiday seasons and special occasions. It can also act as a keepsake for your clients.

What to Consider

Rigid boxes are a great way to protect items and present them in a luxurious manner. They are often larger than folding cartons and made of thicker material. They can be overlaid with a custom wrap with colors, prints, and company logos. Look for boxes that are durable and hold together well once constructed and in place. The last thing you want is for a corner to pop out or come loose after constructing the box.

Why Choose Custom Box Works

Custom Box Works prides itself on being the first-choice for many retailers when it comes to rigid boxes. They have an impressive clientele who know them to be top-tier in the following categories, to name a few:

Competitive Rates: we will deliver the best rigid boxes on the marketplace at competitive rates. We are happy to match any quote that you may receive from another vendor and out-do their quality.

Customization: we are happy to work with you to customize the rigid box to match your brands logo, colors, patterns, and more as you see fit giving you a one-of-a-kind, completely unique box.

Design Support: our team will be here with you to collaborate on the design process and communicate with feedback without any hidden fees.

Transparency: we believe in the importance of communication and honesty upfront so you can know what to expect every step of the way.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to choosing a rigid box for your business, don’t skimp on design, functionality, or customer service. You can trust that we will deliver the best custom rigid boxes to you, every time. Reach out to our team today with any questions and to get a free quote on what we can design for you.