About Us

Just like clothing is an expression of one’s self, custom packaging is an expression of one’s products. This was our motivation for starting Custom Box Works. We are four engineers from New York City and we wanted to create a packaging company whose solutions let its clients express themselves in packaging the same way people do with their outfits.

Almost every physical product you can think of has packaging. It’s the clothing of business - and even clothing has packaging! Just as clothing is a necessity to keep us warm, packaging is a necessity to keep your products safe and fresh, whether you’re displaying them on a shelf or shipping them to a customer. At Custom Box Works we aim to provide you with the highest quality packing solutions at the lowest prices so your brand can shine!

With years of experience in the industry, we can proudly say we have provided custom packaging solutions to countless satisfied clients. Every solution was custom tailored to meet the packaging budgets and needs of the product while also allowing our client’s to express their brand and identity through our high quality printing.

With Custom Box Works’ custom packaging solutions you’ll shine bright in the eyes of your customers. What are you waiting for? Submit a quote or sign up for a consultation today and stand out among your competitors!

Providing Solutions not just custom packaging

We believe in being a partner and an asset for your business not just some store you visit once in a while.

Truly Custom

You should not have to change your product or design because you are limited by the size or color of the box. We are proud to provide truly custom solutions for your packaging needs. Any size, shape, strength, color or finish that you are looking for can be done.

Unmatched Quality

We have the pleasure of working with people who have decades of experience in custom packaging. They say experience trumps all and we make this experience available to our clients at prices that cannot be beat!

Every tool has its place

All packaging is not the same, our boxes are built to serve a purpose, we make sure that they accomplish the task that you require of them nothing more, nothing less. Lets be honest not every product requires the most sturdy box, we make sure that you are not overpaying for something that you do not need.

Satisfied Clients

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Our Values

This is why our company keeps moving forward.


We believe in extreme transparency with our clients and providing them with as much information as they need to make an informed decision. This involves providing a range of options so that they can choose the best product for their budget.

Every Client Matters

Whether you are a small company looking to start a new product or a large corporation looking to change vendors we make sure that everyone is equally taken care of. Our sales representatives and designers will go the distance for any client.


We provide free design support and our packaging experts with years of industry experience will work with you to make sure that your vision is correctly reflected in the packaging. We ensure the quality of our packaging, to make sure that your product is safe and secure.

More then packaging

We look to provide our clients with solutions rather then just packaging. A one stop shop for all your packaging needs to make it simpler for you to focus on your product and know that your packaging is in good hands.